There’s a Distinction Between Architectural Photography and Photography of Architecture

I believe architecture and photography have a symbiotic relationship. Architecture is static and location-bound. It needs visibility. Photography requires a subject by nature and provides mobility to architecture. Generally, architecture is seen and appreciated through the eyes of the photograph. Most of the incredible architectural design throughout the world would not be seen if they were not for photography. On the other hand, not every photograph of a building or the built environment qualifies to be called architectural photography. This is not unique to architecture. For example, we do not call any photograph of a person a portrait. The vision and uniqueness of the photographer and their ability show that in their photography makes the difference. As an architectural photographer, I collaborate with the project creators then use my vision to create a story that communicates the project to the world to be fully appreciated. 

Example of large scale commercial architecture
Lowes-HQ Is3p HGOR
Architectural Photographer in Charlotte, NC
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