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Documenting the History of Your Architectural Firm

Architectural photography is an investment by the architect; it’s not just advertising your brand or showing your work to others for various considerations. Many, but not all architects value high-quality professional architectural photographs. It is vital to document all the projects because it's a record of your work. Once somebody occupies the project, it's gone, […]
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There’s a Distinction Between Architectural Photography and Photography of Architecture

I believe architecture and photography have a symbiotic relationship. Architecture is static and location-bound. It needs visibility. Photography requires a subject by nature and provides mobility to architecture. Generally, architecture is seen and appreciated through the eyes of the photograph. Most of the incredible architectural design throughout the world would not be seen if they […]
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15 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Architectural Photographer is Worth Every Penny [Podcast]

Many of you are familiar with the EntreArchitect platform. A while back, in episode 96 on the EntreArchitect podcast host Mark R. LePage, yes he's my brother, speaks about ways architectural photography is beneficial to architectural firms. Mark says "We all work so hard at what we do. We spend hours meeting with potential clients, […]
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