Architectural photography is an investment by the architect; it’s not just advertising your brand or showing your work to others for various considerations. Many, but not all architects value high-quality professional architectural photographs. It is vital to document all the projects because it's a record of your work. Once somebody occupies the project, it's gone, and you lose control of it. It also begins to change. The occupants personalize it, the landscape starts to change, and the structure begins to weather. You can not go back to the pure design you created. If photographed, this is where your work will live and how much is that worth? It will be the documented history of not just your business, but your creativity. When you begin to think about photography from this perspective, it sheds light on how tremendously valuable it is. The images have so many uses from advertising, websites, portfolios, social media, award submissions, client presentations, interoffice and annual reports, but most of all documentation in your archive. I’d like to hear your perspective on my view of the value of architectural photography. Let me know your thoughts on one of these channels.

Breakfast Nook in the Trees

I believe architecture and photography have a symbiotic relationship. Architecture is static and location-bound. It needs visibility. Photography requires a subject by nature and provides mobility to architecture. Generally, architecture is seen and appreciated through the eyes of the photograph. Most of the incredible architectural design throughout the world would not be seen if they were not for photography. On the other hand, not every photograph of a building or the built environment qualifies to be called architectural photography. This is not unique to architecture. For example, we do not call any photograph of a person a portrait. The vision and uniqueness of the photographer and their ability show that in their photography makes the difference. As an architectural photographer, I collaborate with the project creators then use my vision to create a story that communicates the project to the world to be fully appreciated. 

Example of large scale commercial architecture
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Architectural Photographer in Charlotte, NC
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