Occupied Residential Spaces -Preparation for Professional Architectural Photography Checklist

A successful photo shoot begins with proper planning and preparation. Anthology Photography has compiled a free ready to edit checklist that will save you time and money by covering many of the details involved when photographing residential architecture and interior design.

Preparation for Professional Architectural Photography Occupied Residential Spaces

Site preparation and advanced planning are essential elements of executing a professional photography session. Anthology Photography is offering guidelines to help our clients obtain high-quality photography without incurring unnecessary expenses. This checklist is a gift for you. You may modify and rebrand it as your own or use it as is.

Advance Work Pays Off

Commissioning architectural photography has both cost and quality parameters—one to be minimized, the other to be maximized. By choosing Anthology Photography, we can assure you of getting the quality of results you need. You can reduce the cost by working closely with us in advance of and during the assignment. The most productive photography assignment is one with few surprises while on location. Delays, downtime, and retakes are too often the cause of unnecessary expense and hasty compromises, leading to disappointing results. With this in mind, Anthology Photography has compiled a checklist that covers many of the details involved when photographing architecture and interior design. This checklist is not intended to be comprehensive. It is a reference guide for clients, participants, and the photographer as well.

It should serve as a guide to your planning and a reminder of the range of issues that may need your attention in advance of the photography session. Every site is different; every season has its unique concerns. With a bit of forethought, you can help get the work accomplished efficiently and without disruption to other activities while also delivering the quality of results that you expect.

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