Many of you are familiar with the EntreArchitect platform. A while back, in episode 96 on the EntreArchitect podcast host Mark R. LePage, yes he's my brother, speaks about ways architectural photography is beneficial to architectural firms.

Mark says "We all work so hard at what we do. We spend hours meeting with potential clients, preparing proposals and selling our services. When we finally get the job, we spend months developing the designs for our projects to be the best they can be. They’re built under our observation and we provide construction administration services to ensure a safe, healthy complete project… and to ensure a happy client… leading us to more happy clients.

So, if we spend all that time creating our art, should we not value it enough to document that art through professional photography?"

One note. During the podcast, Mark refers to my website as that has since been changed to the site you are on now Anthology.Photo

Thanks Mark and Gābl Media

Architectural photography lanai and swimming pool
Architectural Photographer in Charlotte, NC
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